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47 - Main/Evergreen

Scheduled Arrivals

There are currently no arrival predictions.

Hillsboro Transit Center
SE Oak & 7th
SE 10th & Baseline
SE 10th & E Main
E Main & SE 12th
E Main & NE 14th
E Main & SE 18th
E Main & SE 24th
E Main & SE 28th
E Main & SE 33rd
E Main & SE 37th
E Main & NE 40th
E Main & SE Brookwood
E Main (W Baseline) & NE 49th
E Main (W Baseline) & NE 53rd
E Main (W Baseline) & SE 58th Ct
E Main (W Baseline) & NE 63rd
NE Century (NW 231st) & Deer Run
NE Century (NW 231st) & Oelrich
NE Century (NW 231st) & Dogwood
NE Century (NW 231st) & Alder/Orenco Stn
NE Orenco Station Loop & MAX Station
NE Century (NW 231st) & Campus Way
NE Century (NW 229th) & Cornell
NE Century (NW 229th) & Walbridge
NE Century (NW 229th) & Butler
NE Century (NW 229th) & Intel South Drwy
2500 Block NE Century (NW 229th)
NE Century (NW 229th) & Evergreen Pkwy
NE Evergreen Pkwy & Imbrie Dr
NE Evergreen Pkwy & NW Atkeson Ln
NE Evergreen Pkwy & Cornelius Pass Rd
NW Evergreen Pkwy & NE 79th (NW 215th)
NW Evergreen Pkwy & NE Aloclek Dr
20500 Block NW Evergreen Pkwy
NW Evergreen Pkwy & NE John Olsen
NW Evergreen Pkwy & NE Venetian (NW 196th)
NW Evergreen Pkwy & NE Amberglen (NW 194th)
NW Evergreen Pkwy & Tanasbourne Terr
NE Evergreen Pkwy & 106th (NW 188th)
3100 Block NW Bronson
NW 174th & Santiam
NW 174th & Parkview
NW 174th & Bethany Elem School
NW 174th & Lonerock
NW Laidlaw & Emerald Canyon
NW Laidlaw & West Union
NW Laidlaw & Cove
NW Laidlaw & 167th Pl
NW Laidlaw & Preakness
NW Laidlaw & Bethany
NW Bethany & Kaiser Rd
NW Kaiser & Snowlily Dr
NW Kaiser & Two Ponds Dr
15500 Block NW Springville
NW Springville & 160th
NW Springville & Sickle Terrace
NW Springville & Joss
NW Springville & Samuel Drive
NW Springville & 173rd
NW Springville & PCC Drive
PCC Rock Creek Main Stop
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