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44X - Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma

Scheduled Arrivals

There are currently no arrival predictions.

Range Ave. & Steele Ln.
Range Ave. & @ Paulin Creek
Range Ave. & State Farm Dr.
Range Ave. & Russel Ave.
Kaiser Stop / Bicentennial Ave.
County Admin. Center (Ventura Ave.)
Administration Dr. & Ventura Ave.
Administration Dr. & Paulin
Mendocino Ave. & Chanate Rd.
Mendocino Ave. & Schurman Dr.
Mendocino Ave. & Clement Ave.
Santa Rosa Junior College
Mendocino Ave. & Ridgeway Ave.
Mendocino Ave. & Benton
Healdsburg Ave. & Tenth St.
B St. & Seventh St.
Santa Rosa Transit Mall
Santa Rosa Ave. & Sebastopol Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Maple Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Barham Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Flower St.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Commercial Ct. (Market Place)
Santa Rosa Ave. & Hearn Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Burt St.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Court St.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Bellevue Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Northstar Dr.
Santa Rosa Ave. & East Robles Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & East Robles Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Todd Rd.
Santa Rosa Ave./ Todd Rd.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Mountain View Ave.
Santa Rosa Ave. & Scenic Ave.
Robert's Lake Rd. / Golf Course Dr.
Redwood Dr. & Commerce Blvd.
Redwood Dr. & Golf Course Dr. (Graton Resort)
Redwood Dr. & Business Park Dr.
Business Park Dr. & Redwood Dr.
Labath & Martin
LaBath Ave. & Carlson Ct
RP Expressway & Redwood Dr.
RP Expressway & Hwy. 101
Commerce Blvd. & R.P. Expressway
Commerce Blvd. & Enterprise Dr.
Commerce Blvd. & Arlen Dr.
Commerce Blvd. & Alison
Commerce Blvd. & Wilford Ln.
Old Redwood Hwy. & Commerce Blvd.
E. Washington St. & Ellis St.
E. Washington St. & Vallejo
Petaluma Transit Mall
About SCT

Sonoma County Transit is a public transportation system based in Sonoma County, California.

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