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Real-Time Arrival Predictions

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Hudson Ave & 3rd St
Evans Ave & 3rd St
Evans Ave & Mendell St
EVANS AVE/Opposite US Post Office
Evans Ave & Keith St
Evans Ave & Middle Point Rd
Middle Point & Acacia
Middle Point Rd & West Point Rd
Middle Point Rd & Innes Ave
Ingalls St & Harbor Rd
Hudson Ave & Ingalls St
Hudson Ave & Whitney Young Cir
Whitney Young Cir & Progress St
Newcomb Ave & La Salle Ave
Newcomb Ave & Keith St
Keith St & Oakdale Ave
Palou Ave & Keith St
Palou Ave & Lane St
Palou Ave & 3rd St
Palou Ave & Newhall St
Palou Ave & Phelps St
Palou Ave & Quint St
Silver Ave & Revere Ave
Silver Ave & Topeka Ave
Silver Ave & Augusta St
Silver Ave & Charter Oak Ave
Silver Ave & San Bruno Ave
Silver Ave & Merrill St
Silver Ave & Boylston St
Silver Ave & Dartmouth St
Silver Ave & Princeton St
Silver Ave & Cambridge St
Silver Ave & Gambier St
Silver Ave & Congdon St
Silver Ave & Lisbon St
Silver Ave & Mission St
Silver Ave & Alemany Blvd
Rousseau St & Cayuga Ave
Still St & Lyell St
Bosworth St & Diamond St
Bosworth St & Lippard Ave
Bosworth St & Elk St
O'Shaughnessy Blvd & Malta Dr
O'Shaughnessy Blvd & Del Vale Ave
100 O'Shaughnessy Blvd
Woodside Ave & Portola Dr
Woodside Ave & Ulloa St
Woodside Ave & Hernandez Ave
Laguna Honda Blvd & Dewey Blvd
Laguna Honda Blvd/opp Forest Hill
Laguna Honda Blvd & Clarendon Ave
1697 7th Ave
Lawton St & 7th Ave
Lawton St & 9th Ave
9th Ave & Kirkham St
9th Ave & Judah St
9th Ave & Irving St
9th Ave & Lincoln Way
Concourse Dr at Acad of Sciences
8th Ave & Fulton St
Cabrillo St & 7th Ave
6th Ave & Balboa St
6th Ave & Geary Blvd
Clement St & 6th Ave
California St & 12th Ave
California St & 7th Ave

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA or San Francisco MTA) is an agency created by consolidation of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni), the Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT), and the Taxicab Commission.

Swiftly is not affiliated with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.