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397 - San Francisco - Palo Alto Transit Ctr

Scheduled Arrivals

There are currently no arrival predictions.

Folsom St & Beale St
Mission St & 1st St
Mission St & 2nd St
Mission St & 3rd St
Mission St & 5th St
Mission St & 7th St
Mission St & 9th St
11th St & Market St.
10th St & Howard St
10th St & Bryant St
Potrero Ave & 16th St
Potrero Ave & Mariposa
Potrero Ave & 22nd St
Potrero Ave & 24th St
Bayshore Blvd & Oakdale Ave
Bayshore Blvd & Cortland Ave
Bayshore Blvd & Agusta Ave
Bayshore Blvd & Fitzgerald Ave
Bayshore Blvd & Arleta Ave
Bayshore Blvd & Sunnydale Ave
Bayshore Blvd & Geneva Ave
Bayshore Blvd & Industrial Way
Bayshore Blvd & Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy
Bayshore Blvd & Valley Dr
Bayshore Blvd & Old County Rd
3800 Bayshore Blvd-Andrys Trailer Park
Airport Blvd & Tower Pl
Airport Blvd & Butler Ave
Airport Blvd & Linden Ave
Airport Blvd & E Grand Ave
264 S Airport Blvd-Four Points Sheraton Hotel
S Airport Blvd & Utah Ave
S Airport Blvd & Belle Air Rd
S Airport Blvd & Airport Long Term Parking
McDonnell Rd & San Bruno Ave
McDonnell Rd & West Area Rd
McDonnell Rd & West Field Rd
586 McDonnell Rd-Opposite UAL Cargo
SFO Airport Terminal A-Lower Level
SFO Airport Terminal 2-Lower Level
SFO Airport Terminal 3-Lower Level
SFO Airport Terminal G-Lower Level
Millbrae BART-Bay 7 East Busway
El Camino Real & Murchison Dr
El Camino Real & Trousdale Dr
El Camino Real & Ray Dr
El Camino Real & Adeline Dr
El Camino Real & Hillside Dr
El Camino Real & Easton Dr
El Camino Real & Broadway-Burlingame
El Camino Real & Sanchez Ave
El Camino Real & Arc Way
El Camino Real & Oak Grove Ave-Burlingame
El Camino Real & Bellevue Ave.
El Camino Real & Burlingame Ave
El Camino Real & Howard Ave
El Camino Real & Warren Rd
El Camino Real & Bellevue Ave
El Camino Real & Poplar Ave
El Camino Real & El Cerrito Ave
El Camino Real & 2nd Ave
El Camino Real & 4th Ave
El Camino Real & 9th Ave
El Camino Real & Hobart Ave
El Camino Real & 17th Ave
El Camino Real & 20th Ave
El Camino Real & E 25th Ave
El Camino Real & 27th Ave
El Camino Real & 31st Ave-Hillsdale Shopping Ctr
El Camino Real & Hillsdale Blvd
El Camino Real & 37th Ave
El Camino Real & 39th Ave
El Camino Real & 41st Ave
El Camino Real & 43rd Ave
El Camino Real & Davey Glen Rd
El Camino Real & Ralston Ave
El Camino Real & Harbor Blvd
El Camino Real & 5th Ave-Belmont
El Camino Real & Hull Dr
El Camino Real & San Carlos Ave
El Camino Real & Arroyo Ave-San Carlos
El Camino Real & Brittan Ave
El Camino Real & Belmont Ave
El Camino Real & Eaton Ave
El Camino Real & Whipple Ave
El Camino Real & Hopkins Ave
Redwood City Caltrain-Lane A
Middlefield Rd & Cassia St
Middlefield Rd & Chestnut St
Middlefield Rd & Willow St
Middlefield Rd & Charter St
Middlefield Rd & Douglas Ave
Middlefield Rd & Dumbarton Ave
Middlefield Rd & 2nd Ave
Middlefield Rd & 5th Ave
Middlefield Rd & 7th Ave
3500 Middlefield Rd-St Anthonys Church
Middlefield Rd & Fair Oaks Ln
Middlefield Rd & Lane Pl
Middlefield Rd & Oak Grove Ave
Middlefield Rd & Survey Ln
Middlefield Rd & Linfield Dr
Middlefield Rd & Santa Margarita Ave
Willow Rd & Blackburn Ave
Willow Rd & Gilbert Ave
Willow Rd & Coleman Ave
Willow Rd & O'Keefe St
VA Medical Ctr-Menlo Park
Willow Rd & Chester St
Newbridge St & Willow Rd
Newbridge St & Mello St
Newbridge St & Bay Rd
Bay Rd & Palo Verde Ave
Bay Rd & University Ave Nearside
University Ave & Sacramento St
University Ave & Runnymede St
University Ave & Bell St
2111 University Ave-Bell St Park
University Ave & Woodland Ave
University Ave & Lincoln Ave
University Ave & Chaucer St
University Ave & Seneca St
University Ave & Middlefield Rd
Lytton Ave & Kipling St
Lytton Ave & Forence St
Lytton Ave & Ramona St
High St & Lytton Ave
Palo Alto Transit Ctr-Bay 1
About SamTrans

SamTrans (stylized as samTrans; officially the San Mateo County Transit District) is a public transport agency in and around San Mateo, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides bus service throughout San Mateo County and into portions of San Francisco and Palo Alto. Service is largely concentrated on the east side of the San Bruno Mountains, and, in the central county, I-280, leaving coast-side service south of Pacifica spotty and intermittent.

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