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1 - 1st Avenue

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

There are currently no arrival predictions.

S Birch St & Virginia Ave
Virginia Ave & S Birch St
S. Cherry St & Leetsdale Dr
Leetsdale Dr & S Cherry St
S Colorado Blvd & Bayaud Ave
1st Ave & Harrison St
1st Ave & Garfield St
1st Ave & Madison St
1st Ave & Adams St
1st Ave & Milwaukee St
1st Ave & Fillmore Plaza
1st Ave & Detroit St
1st Ave & University Blvd
1st Ave & Vine St
1st Ave & Gilpin St
Speer Blvd & Downing St
Washington St & Speer Blvd
1st Ave & Washington St
1st Ave & Pennsylvania St
1st Ave & Grant St
1st Ave & Lincoln St
W 1st Ave & Broadway
W 1st Ave & Bannock St
Cherokee St & W Irvington Pl
W Ellsworth Ave & S Cherokee St
W Ellsworth Ave & Galapago St
Galapago St & W 2nd Ave
Galapago St & W 4th Ave
Galapago St & W 5th Ave
Galapago St & W 6th Ave
W 7th Ave & Galapago St
W 7th Ave & Santa Fe Dr
Santa Fe Dr & W 8th Ave
Santa Fe Dr & W 10th Ave
Santa Fe Dr & W 11th Ave
Santa Fe Dr & W 13th Ave
Kalamath St & W 14th Ave
Stout St & W Colfax Ave
Stout St & 14th St
Stout St & 16th Street Mall
18th St & Stout St
18th St & Arapahoe St
18th St & Larimer St
Blake St & 17th St
Blake St & 14th St
Auraria Pkwy & 9th St
Auraria Pkwy & 7th St
Decatur / Federal Station Gate H
W 14th Ave & Irving St
W 14th Ave & Julian St
Knox Ct & W 12th Ave
Knox Ct & W 10th Ave
Knox Ct & W 8th Ave
Knox Ct & W 7th Ave
Knox Ct & W 6th Ave
Knox Ct & W 5th Ave
Knox Ct & W 3rd Ave
W 1st Ave & Knox Ct
W 1st Ave & Meade St
W 1st Ave & Perry St
W 1st Ave & Stuart St
W 1st Ave & Vrain St
W 1st Ave & Wolff St
W 1st Ave & Yates St
W 1st Ave & Sheridan Blvd
W 1st Ave & Sheridan Blvd
W 1st Ave & Chase St
W 1st Ave & Fenton St
W 1st Ave & Harlan St
W 1st Ave & Ingalls St
W 1st Ave & Lamar St
W 1st Ave & Newland St
W 1st Ave & Quay St
Teller St & W 1st Ave
S Teller St & W Archer Pl
S Teller St & W Cedar Ave
W Alameda Ave & S Saulsbury St
S Saulsbury St & W Alaska Dr
W Virginia Ave & S Saulsbury St
W Virginia Ave & S Upham St
W Virginia Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd
S Allison Pkwy & W Virginia Ave Gate A
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