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89 - San Leandro Bart-S. L. Marina-Bayfair Bart

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

There are currently no arrival predictions.

San Leandro BART Station
Davis St:Alvarado St
Davis St:Orchard Av
Davis St:Preda St
Davis St:Douglas Dr
Davis St:Frederick Rd
Westgate Pkwy:Davis St
Westgate Pkwy:#Walmart
Williams St:Westgate Pkwy
Williams St:#2020
Williams St:Doolittle Dr
Williams St:Nome St
Aurora Dr:W Av 130
Marina Blvd:Aurora Dr
Marina Blvd:Neptune Dr
Monarch Bay Dr:Mulford Point Dr
Fairway Dr:Monarch Bay Dr
Aurora Dr:Fairway Dr
Bermuda Way:Acapulco Rd
Bermuda Way:Doolittle Dr
Farallon Dr:Catalina St
Farallon Dr:#2012
Wicks Blvd:Farallon Dr
Wicks Blvd:Manor Blvd
Wicks Blvd:Sea Cloud Av
Wicks Blvd:Liberty Way (Opp. Stenzel Park)
Wicks Blvd:Mission Bay Complex
Lewelling Blvd:Calgary St
Farnsworth St:Burkhart Av
Farnsworth St:Fargo Av
Farnsworth St:Manor Blvd
Farnsworth St:Avon Av
Floresta Blvd:Monterey Blvd
Floresta Blvd:Fremont Av
Halcyon Dr:Washington Av (Floresta Blvd)
Halcyon Dr:Oleander St
Hesperian Blvd:Halcyon Dr
Bay Fair BART Station
Fairmont Dr:Hesperian Blvd
Fairmont Dr:E 14th St
Fairmont Dr:Lark St
Fairmont Dr:Liberty St
Fairmont Dr:Foothill Blvd
Fairmont Dr:#2060 (Alameda County Medical Center)
Fairmont Dr:Crosswalk
Juvenile Justice Center
Fairmont Dr:Juvenile Hall
Fairmont Dr:Crosswalk
Fairmont Dr:Foothill Blvd
Fairmont Dr:152nd Av
Fairmont Dr:Lark St
E 14th St:153rd Av
E 14th St:150th Av
Bancroft Av:Peters St
Bancroft Av:146th Av
Bancroft Av:Jefferson Center School
Bancroft Av:141st Av
Bancroft Av:San Leandro High School
Bancroft Av:Sybil Av
Bancroft Av:Dolores Av
Estudillo Av:Bancroft Av
Estudillo Av:Santa Maria St
Estudillo Av:Santa Rosa St
Estudillo Av:#300 (San Leandro Community Library)
Hays St:Davis St
Hays St:W Juana Av
San Leandro BART Station
About AC Transit

AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District) is an Oakland-based public transit agency serving the western portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. AC Transit also operates "Transbay" routes across San Francisco Bay to San Francisco and selected areas in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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