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76 - Hilltop Mall - CCC - del Norte BART

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

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Del Norte BART Station
Cutting Blvd:San Pablo Av
Cutting Blvd:S 49th St
Cutting Blvd:S 45th St (Kennedy Sr High School)
Cutting Blvd:S 41st St
Cutting Blvd:S 38th St
Cutting Blvd:S 36th St
Cutting Blvd:Carlson Blvd
Cutting Blvd:Spring St
Cutting Blvd:S 26th St
Cutting Blvd:S 23rd St
Cutting Blvd:S 20th St
Cutting Blvd:S 17th St
Cutting Blvd:Marina Way S
Cutting Blvd:Harbour Way S
Harbour Way S:Maine Av
Harbour Way:Ohio Av
Harbour Way:Bissell Av
MacDonald Av:12th St
MacDonald Av:Marina Way
Richmond BART
MacDonald Av:Marina Way
MacDonald Av:11th St
MacDonald Av:7th St
6th St:Nevin Av
7th St:Barrett Av
7th St:Ripley Av
7th St:Pennsylvania Av
7th St:Lucas Av
7th St:Lincoln Av
7th St:Hensley St
Fred Jackson Way:Duboce St
Fred Jackson Way:Chesley Av
Fred Jackson Way:Grove Av
Fred Jackson Way:Market Av
Market Av:4th St
Market Av:6th St
Market Av:Rumrill Blvd
Market Av:15th St
Market Av:17th St
Market Av:23rd St
Church Ln:Villa Dr
Church Ln:San Pablo Adult Senior Center
Church Ln:San Pablo Av
Church Ln:Willow Rd
Church Ln:St Joseph Cemetery
Church Ln:El Portal Dr
Road 20:Abella Circle (Opposite Helms Mid Sch)
Road 20:Abella Circle(Opposite Community Ctr)
San Pablo Av:Purisima St
San Pablo Av:El Portal Dr
Mission Bell Dr:College Ln
Contra Costa College
College Ln:Mission Bell Dr
San Pablo Av:Rivers St
Lancaster Dr:Aberdeen Way
Aberdeen Way:Gospel Church
Aberdeen Way:Lancaster Dr
Lancaster Dr:Southampton Ct
Birmingham Dr:Oxford Av
Birmingham Dr:#2953
Birmingham Dr:Shane Dr
Shane Dr:#3046
Shane Dr:Gilma Dr
Hilltop Mall:J.C. Penney
About AC Transit

AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District) is an Oakland-based public transit agency serving the western portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. AC Transit also operates "Transbay" routes across San Francisco Bay to San Francisco and selected areas in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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