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75 - Bayfair Bart-Washington Manor-S. L. Bart

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

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San Leandro BART Station
San Leandro Blvd:Williams St
Williams St:Alvarado St
Williams St:Orchard Av
Williams St:Wayne Av
William St:Castro St
Merced St:Williams St
Merced St:Marina Blvd
Merced St:Republic Av
Kaiser Hospital San Leandro
Merced St:Fairway Dr
Merced St:Railroad Crossing (Near W Avenue 140th)
Merced St:Cedar Av
Spruce St:Elm St
Spruce St:Locust St
Spruce St:Wiley St
Wiley St:Ottawa Av
Wiley St:Purdue St
Purdue St:Esser Av
Purdue St:Farnsworth St
Farnsworth St:Avon Av
Farnsworth St:Manor Blvd
Farnsworth St:Fargo Av
Farnsworth St:Burkhart Av
Lewelling Blvd:Farnsworth St
Lewelling Blvd:Dewey St
Lewelling Blvd:Andover St
Lewelling Blvd:Sedgeman St
Lewelling Blvd:Washington Av
Lewelling Blvd:Tropic Ct
Lewelling Blvd:Lewelling Community Church/School
Hesperian Blvd:Sycamore St
Hesperian Blvd:Springlake Dr
Hesperian Blvd:Drew St
Hesperian Blvd:Thornally Dr
Bay Fair BART Station
Coelho Dr:Mooney Av
159th Av:E 14th St
159th Av:Mateo St
159th Av:Liberty St
Foothill Blvd:Manchester Rd
Foothill Blvd:Fairmont Hospital South Entrance
Foothill Blvd:Fairmont Hospital North Entrance
Foothill Blvd:Fairmont Dr
Foothill Blvd:150th Av
Benedict Dr:Vista Grand Dr
Benedict Dr:Montrose Dr
Grand Av:Sybil Av
Grand Av:Maud Av
Grand Av:Joaquin Av
MacArthur Blvd:Estudillo Av
Marlow Dr:Foothill Blvd
Marlow Dr:Revere Av
MacArthur Blvd:Lewis Av
MacArthur Blvd:Victoria Av
MacArthur Blvd:Broadmoor Blvd
MacArthur Blvd:108th Av
106th Av:MacArthur Blvd
Foothill Blvd:106th Av
MacArthur Blvd:109th Av
MacArthur Blvd:Broadmoor Blvd
MacArthur Blvd:Mitchell Av
MacArthur Blvd:Lewis Av
MacArthur Blvd:Fortuna Av
MacArthur Blvd:Dutton Av
Dutton Av:Bancroft Av
Dutton Av:Warwick Av
E 14th St:Best Av (Dutton Av)
E 14th St:Lorraine Blvd
E 14th St:Toler Av
Hays St:Davis St
Hays St:W Juana Av
San Leandro BART Station
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AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District) is an Oakland-based public transit agency serving the western portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. AC Transit also operates "Transbay" routes across San Francisco Bay to San Francisco and selected areas in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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